Rental Policies

Driver Requirements

For categories A, B και C the renter must be over 21 years old. For the rest of the categories the renter must be 23 years old. For motorbikes and ATVs, the renter must be over 19 years old. In all cases the renter must own a driver’s license for over a year.

Delivery Hours

Vehicle delivery between 09.00 and 21.00 is free of charge. For the period between 21.00 and 09.00 the renter is charged extra.

Delivery and Colletion

Vehicle delivery and collection is free except for the following areas: a) Agios Nikolaos-Volimes (70€), b) Alykes-Alykanas (20€), c) Askos-Volimes (70€), d) Kambi (70€) and e) Vassilikos (20€). These charges concern delivery and collection separately.

Extra Driver

The extra driver is charged 5 euro per day.

Vehicle Check

Prior to delivery, every vehicle is checked and washed in order for it to be delivered to the rental in excellent condition.

Minimum Rental Period

The minimum rental period for any vehicle is one day.

Road Assistance – Car Replacement

Road assistance is provided free of charge. In case of vehicle trouble, it will be replaced by another of the same or higher category.


GPS is available for 5 € per day.


When renting a motorbike or ATV, a helmet is provided free of charge.

Baby Seat

The baby seat is charged 4 euro per day.


A map of Zakynthos island is provided free of charge.


The rental vehicle must be returned with the same amount of gas it was originally received. If the gas is less, the renter will be charged the missing gas.


In order to book a vehicle no advance payment or credit card is necessary.

Payment Method

Payment must be done in cash.


The price includes all taxes.

Loss of key

In case of key loss, the renter is charged for the new one.


Full insurance (C.D.W.) is provided free of charge to all rented cars with a small Excess of: (a) 300 euro for categories A, B (b) 500 euro for categories F1, C (c) 700 euro ffor categories D ,E ,F2 ,J ,K & (d) 900 euro for all other categories. The cost for zero risk is: (a) 7 euro per day for categories A, B (b) 10 euro per day for categories C, F1 (c) 12 euro per day for categories D, E, F2, J, K & (d) 15 euro per day all other categories.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance does not cover the vehicle if the renter is driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or if he is driving off the road.

Transfer Off Zakynthos Island

Vehicle transfer off Zakynthos island is not allowed.

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